Ever tried frying an egg on the sidewalk? You may have if you’ve experienced an Arizona summer. In these blazin’ hot conditions, a functioning air conditioner is less of a luxury, and more of a downright necessity. For that, Payne Air Conditioning & Heating is your AC hero.

Hotter than a Habanero? Call the AC Maestros!

When your AC unit declares mutiny in the midst of a heatwave, an immediate call to action is warranted. A swift air conditioner repair, courtesy of our skilled techs, is your coolest salvation. You shouldn’t have to live in an indoor sauna, right?

Seamless HVAC Installation, Because You Deserve to Chill

Considering a new HVAC system? Payne’s expert HVAC installation team ensures a chilled and comfy home all year round. We won’t leave you out in the heat—or the cold.

Bottom line; don’t massacre your sweat glands every summer. Get the best AC repair and HVAC installation with Payne Air Conditioning and Heating. While you chill indoors, we’ll deal with all the heat.