Welcome to Idaho Heating & Air, where we brave the elements so you don’t have to! Spicy summers, frigid winters, and everything in between – we’ve got you covered with our unparalleled AC service and exceptional heating system replacement.

Turn your torrid living room into the North Pole with our top-notch air conditioning installation – faster than you can say ‘Heatwave in Boise!’. Soggy ice cream? Not on our watch! Of course, we all know that AC units can be drama queens, but fear not, Nampa! Our premier air conditioning repair will nip any temper tantrums in the bud, keeping your indoor climate cool, calm, and collected.

Then comes winter, and your beloved furnace ghosts you. No lovely warmth! But don’t worry, Meridian’s wizard of furnace service is just a call away. Ready to replace your heating system? We’ll sneak it out and slide a new one in faster than a cat burglar on a caffeine high.

We’re Idaho Heating & Air, conquering Idaho’s wild weather one HVAC system at a time!